Tips for Small Spaces

by Kristin Firine
" Small spaces doesn't mean compromising on big design.'

If you live in a big city you know what it is like to cram your life into a small space. Or perhaps you have a small room in your home you are looking to make a big impact in. It's a big misconception that the less square footage the less the design. At Design Theory we are firm believers in beautiful design no matter how big or small the space is. There are endless solutions for all sizes and shapes of each space.



ultra fragola mirror wavy mirror

Photo by Adrian Gault

Natural light is one of the biggest amenities of any space.Not just for the aesthetic but for the physical benefits to the mind and body. Perhaps you wish you had more light to make a small space feel larger? Mirrors amplify lighting, especially when placed opposite windows or bright walls. Our Ultra Fragola mirror is the perfect example, and it adds extra depth with the wavy silhouette. Light it up at night to continue to set a vibe and let your space speak for itself. Mirrors bounce light around the room and elevate a small space to appear larger and brighter than it may be. 


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Camaleonda sofa modular sofa cream sofa scandinavian modern design

Image: British Vogue

Modular furniture pieces can be mixed and matched to create the perfect layout. Pieces that move around can. be used individually or joined together depending on your needs. The classic Camaleonda sofa is a perfect example of this. The image above shows two Camaleonda units combined with the ottoman piece. What's great about this sofa series is that you can begin with a few pieces, and if you expand into a larger space you can add on easily over time! No stress about whether or not furniture will translate from apartment to apartment, or within a home. You can purchase one on its own or build an entire sectional sofa. These modular pieces are perfect for small spaces, they fit anywhere and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Multi-Use Pieces

butterfly stool apartment living small spaces plants

The secret to success in small spaces is having furniture pieces with a variety of functions so that less is more. No one wants a space cramped with items in order to be functional. Tables and ottomans that double as storage, stools that double as side tables or extra seating. Make your pieces work for your space and not the other way around. The Butterfly Stool is the perfect example of this concept of multi-use furniture pieces. Stack coffee table books and a plant for a side table aesthetic, or use it as extra seating when you have more company than seats in your space. Small and lightweight objects that you can easily move around and use let you keep your space free of clutter.

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Let us help you design your small space like the pros. Play with scale, texture, color and light. Even the smallest of spaces can still make the biggest impacts. Don't sacrifice style for square footage when you can have both! At Design Theory we are here to help you! DM or message us if you have any questions about our pieces, we would love to help you make your space the best it can be, no matter the size.


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