White Done Right

by Kristin Firine


camaleonda white sofa white room neutral

Photo: Reserve Home

The idea of a crisp and bright white room evokes a sense of fresh awakening and renewal. For many who rent and are unable to change the color of the landlord special white walls, working with this and making it feel like home is a challenge. Yet many times a white room falls flat and feels sterile. How do you go from hospital to homey when working with whites and neutrals? There are many ways to do white right, and thankfully we at Design Theory have the interior design expertise to point you in the right direction. 


ultrafragola mirror white interior

Photo: Vogue Australia


Lighting is a major component that makes or breaks a space. Overhead lighting is great when it comes to needing bright lighting to accomplish tasks, but it washes out spaces when used for overall ambient light. Opt for layers of lighting, such as floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps and more. When you layer a table and floor lamp for general lighting, the space instantly goes from washed out to cozy and relaxing. We recommend bulbs that are 2700K, or a warm white. Even LED’s today can evoke the warm glow of incandescent, we highly recommend this. Steer clear of light bulbs 3000K and up, as this attempts to evoke ‘daylight’ and tends to be much to bright and blue for interior home use.

Design Theory Ultra Fragola Mirror

These bright and blue bulbs cause strain on the eyes over time. Another lighting accent is color. Our Ultra Fragola mirror for example integrates LED’s that change colors for whatever mood you are in! Play with different colors for different spaces and occasions.


Texture is a very big factor when it comes to making whites work. Love the images you see of designers mastering the art of white on white? How do they do it? Textures is exactly how.

Design Theory Marcel Breuer Laccio Table

White walls are smooth and unoffensive, pair with a textured velvet or boucle or sherpa on your soft seating. White washed woods on tables and cabinetry add another dimension to the space, especially when the wood grain comes through. At Design Theory we offer complementary fabric samples, we recommend selecting a few white and off-whites to mix and match your whites. 

Photo: @Allegrashaw

Soft contrasts are the third best way to make a white room stand out. Think broad scope how the room comes together when all of the furniture and art and flooring is there. Play with a white on white design on a rug, or opt for a fluffy shag that softens the floor space. Tonal coffee table books and white or off-white vases and accessories layer a room for beautiful finishing touches. 

Design Theory White Camaleonda Sofa

The best thing about interior design is that it is a reflection of you and your space. There are no ‘rules’ or ‘codes’ to follow, speaking from experience. The beauty of design is that it can always Uber fresh and unique to you and your needs. If a bright white space brings you joy, we are happy at Design Theory to hep you achieve this to the best of your ability. 


Did you know we have team members who are full time interior designers? Slide into our DM’s or send us an email with any questions, we are happy to help!

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